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Read, write, and execute Jupyter Notebooks in Sphinx

MyST-NB is a reference implementation of MyST Markdown Notebooks, and an open source tool for working with Jupyter Notebooks in the Sphinx ecosystem. It provides the following primary features:

In addition, there are several options for controlling the look and feel of how your notebooks are used in your documentation. See the documentation pages to the left for more information.


This project is in a beta state. Comments, requests, or bugreports are welcome and recommended! Please open an issue here

Installation and basic usage

To install myst-nb, do the following:

  • Install myst-nb with the following command:

    pip install myst-nb
  • Enable the myst_nb extension in your Sphinx repository’s extensions:

    extensions = [

    By default, MyST-NB will parse both markdown (.md) and notebooks (.ipynb).

  • Write Jupyter Notebooks with your built documentation, and remember to include them in your toctree, and that’s it!

Customize and configure

For information on using and configuring MyST-NB, as well as some examples of notebook outputs, see the pages below:

In addition, here is a reference page that uses the jupyter-sphinx package to create outputs, to compare how these outputs look relative to the MyST-NB style.

Finally, here is documentation on contributing to the development of MySt-NB