Change Log#

v0.17.1 - 2022-30-09#

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  • 👌 IMPROVE: hide-output button (#450) This now uses the same margin color as the cell source and, when the cell source is present, is “connected” to that, to form a single element. See Hide cell contents for more information.

v0.17.0 - 2022-29-09#

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  • 👌 IMPROVE: Replace sphinx-togglebutton with built-in functionality (#446) This allows for tighter integration with myst-nb:

    • Nicer rendering of the hidden content buttons

    • Customisation of the hide/show prompts

    See Hide cell contents for more information.

  • 🐛 FIX: Inline exec variables with multiple outputs (#440) Previously, it was assumed that a variable evaluation would only ever create 0 or 1 outputs. Multiple are now allowed.

  • 👌 IMPROVE: cache bust changes to CSS (#447)

  • 👌 IMPROVE: Move CSS colors to variables (#448)

v0.16.0 - 2022-06-13#

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  • ⬆️ UPGRADE: Sphinx v5 and drop v3 (see changelog), myst-parser v0.18 (see changelog)

  • ⬆️ UPGRADE: Add Python 3.10 support

v0.15.0 - 2022-05-05#

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✨ NEW: Add inline execution mode and eval role/directive, for inserting code variables directly into the text flow of your documentation! See Inline variable evaluation for more information.

v0.14.0 - 2022-04-27#

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This release encompasses a major rewrite of the entire library and its documentation, primarily in #380 and #405.

Breaking Changes ‼️#


A number of configuration option names have been changed, such that they now share the nb_ prefix. Most of the deprecated names will be auto-converted at the start of the build, emitting a warning such as:

WARNING: 'jupyter_execute_notebooks' is deprecated for 'nb_execution_mode' [mystnb.config]

nb_render_priority has been removed and replaced by nb_mime_priority_overrides, which has a different format and is more flexible. See Outputs MIME priority for more information.

As per the changes in myst_parser, the dollarmath syntax extension is no longer included by default. To re-add this extension, ensure that it is specified in your myst_enable_extensions = ["dollarmath"].

For cell-level configuration the top-level key render has now been deprecated for mystnb. For example, replace:

    width: 200px


    width: 200px

render will currently still be read, if present, and will issue a [mystnb.cell_metadata_key] warning.

The jupyter_sphinx_require_url and jupyter_sphinx_embed_url configuration options are no longer used by this package, and are replaced by nb_ipywidgets_js.

See the configuration section for more details.


The ipywidgets package has been removed from the requirements. If required, please install it specifically.

AST structure and rendering plugins#

The structure of the docutils AST and nodes produced by MyST-NB has been fully changed, for compatibility with the new docutils only functionality. See the API documentation for more details.

The renderer plugin system (used by the myst_nb.renderers entry point) has also been completely rewritten, so any current existing renderers will no longer work. There is also now a new myst_nb.mime_renderers entry point, to allow for targeted rendering of specific code-cell output MIME types. See Customise the render process for more information.

Glue functionality#

By default, glue roles and directives now only work for keys within the same document. To reference glued content in a different document, the glue:any directive allows for a doc option and glue:any/glue:text roles allow the (relative) doc path to be added, for example:

```{glue:any} var_text
:doc: other.ipynb


This cross-document functionality is currently restricted to only text/plain and text/html output MIME types, not images.

See Embedding outputs as variables for more details.

Dependency changes ⬆️#

  • Removed:

    • ipywidgets

    • jupyter_sphinx

    • nbconvert

  • Updated:

New and improved ✨#

The following is a non-exhaustive list of new features and improvements, see the rest of the documentation for all the changes.

  • Multi-level configuration (global ( < notebook level metadata < cell level metadata)

    • Plus new config options including: nb_number_source_lines, nb_remove_code_source, nb_remove_code_outputs, nb_render_error_lexer, nb_execution_raise_on_error, nb_kernel_rgx_aliases

    • See the configuration section for more details.

  • Added mystnb-quickstart and mystnb-to-jupyter CLI commands.

  • MyST text-based notebooks can now be specified by just:

    file_format: mystnb
      name: python3

    as opposed to the alternative jupytext top-matter. See Text-based Notebooks for more details.

  • docutils API/CLI with command line tools, e.g. mystnb-docutils-html

  • Parallel friendly (e.g. sphinx-build -j 4 can execute four notebooks in parallel)

  • Page specific loading of ipywidgets JavaScript, i.e. only when ipywidgets are present in the notebook.

  • Added raw cell rendering, with the raw-cell directive. See Raw cells authoring for more details.

  • Added MIME render plugins. See Customise the render process for more details.

  • Better log info/warnings, with type.subtype specifiers for warning suppression. See Warning suppression for more details.

  • Reworked jupyter-cache integration to be easier to use (including parallel execution)

  • Added image options to glue:figure

  • New glue:md role/directive includes nested parsing of MyST Markdown. See Embedding outputs as variables for more details.

  • Improved nb-exec-table directive (includes links to documents, etc)

Additional Pull Requests#

  • 👌 IMPROVE: Update ANSI CSS colors by @saulshanabrook in #384

  • ✨ NEW: Add nb_execution_raise_on_error config by @chrisjsewell in #404

  • 👌 IMPROVE: Add image options to glue:figure by @chrisjsewell in #403

v0.13.2 - 2022-02-10#

This release improves for cell outputs and brings UI improvements for toggling cell inputs and outputs. It also includes several bugfixes.

0.13.1 - 2021-10-04#

✨ NEW: nb_merge_streams configuration [PR #364]

If nb_merge_streams=True, all stdout / stderr output streams are merged into single outputs. This ensures deterministic outputs.

0.13.0 - 2021-09-02#

Upgraded to sphinx v4 ⬆️#

The primary change in this release is to update the requirements of myst-nb from sphinx>=2,<4 to sphinx>=3,<5 to support sphinx>=4 [PR #356].

  • 👌 IMPROVE: Allows more complex suffixes in notebooks [PR #328]

  • ⬆️ UPDATE: myst-parser to 0.15.2 [PR #353]

  • ⬆️ UPGRADE: nbconvert 6 support [PR #326]

  • ⬆️ UPGRADE: markdown-it-py v1.0 [PR #320]

  • 🔧 MAINT: Pin ipykernel to ~v5.5 [PR #347]

  • 🔧 MAINT: Make a more specific selector for no-border [PR #344]

Many thanks to @akhmerov, @bollwyvl, @choldgraf, @chrisjsewell, @juhuebner, @mmcky

0.12.1 - 2021-04-25#

  • ⬆️ UPDATE: jupyter_sphinx to 0.3.2: fixes Notebook code has no file extension metadata warning)

  • ⬆️ UPDATE: importlib_metadata to 3.6: to use new entry point loading interface

  • Official support for Python 3.9

(0.12.2 and 0.12.3 fix a regression, when working with the entry point loading interface)

0.12.0 - 2021-02-23#

This release adds an experimental MyST-NB feature to enable loading of code from a file for code-cell directives using a :load: <file> option.

Usage information is available in the docs

0.11.1 - 2021-01-20#

Minor update to handle MyST-Parser v0.13.3 and v4.5 notebooks.

0.11.0 - 2021-01-12#

This release updates MyST-Parser to v0.13, which is detailed in the myst-parser changelog.

The primary change is to the extension system, with extensions now all loaded via myst_enable_extensions = ["dollarmath", ...], and a number of extensions added or improved.

0.10.2 - 2021-01-12#

Minor fixes:

  • 🐛 FIX: empty myst file read

  • 🐛 FIX: remove cell background-color CSS for cells

  • 🔧 MAINTAIN: Pin jupyter-sphinx version

0.10.1 - 2020-09-08#

⬆️ UPGRADE: myst-parser v0.12.9

Minor bug fixes and enhancements / new features

0.10.0 - 2020-08-28#

⬆️ UPGRADE: jupyter-sphinx v0.3, jupyter-cache v0.4.1 and nbclient v0.5.

These upgrades allow for full Windows OS compatibility, and improve the stability of notebook execution on small machines.

👌 IMPROVE: Formatting of stderr is now similar to stdout, but with a slight red background.

🧪 TESTS: Add Windows CI

0.9.2 - 2020-08-27#

⬆️ UPGRADE: myst-parser patch version

to ensure a few new features and bug fixes are incorporated (see its

0.9.1 - 2020-08-24#

More configuration!

  • ✨ NEW: Add stderr global configuration: nb_output_stderr (see removing stderr)

  • ✨ NEW: Add nb_render_key configuration (see formatting outputs)

  • 🐛 FIX: auto execution not recognising (and skipping) notebooks with existing outputs

0.9.0 - 2020-08-24#

This versions see’s many great changes; utilising the ⬆️ upgrade to myst-parser=v0.12 and accompanying ⬆️ upgrade to sphinx=v3, as well as major refactors to the execution (#236) and code output rendering (#243). Plus much more configuration options, to allow for a more configurable workflow (the defaults work great as well!).

Below is a summary of the changes, and you can also check out many examples in the documentation,, and the MyST-Parser Changelog for all the new Markdown parsing features available:

New ✨#

  • Custom notebook formats:

    Configuration and logic has been added for designating additional file types to be converted to Notebooks, which are then executed & parsed in the same manner as regular Notebooks. See Custom Notebook Formats for details.

  • Allow for configuration of render priority (per output format) with nb_render_priority.

  • The code cell output renderer class is now loaded from an entry-point, with a configurable name, meaning that anyone can provide their own renderer subclass. See Customise the render process for details.

  • Assignment of metadata tags remove-stdout and remove-stderr for removal of the relevant outputs (see here)

  • Render text/markdown MIME types with an integrated CommonMark parser (see here).

  • Add code output image formatting, via cell metadata, including size, captions and labelling (see here).

  • Notebook outputs ANSI lexer which is applied to stdout/stderr and text/plain outputs, and is configurable via nb_render_text_lexer (see here).

  • Capture execution data in sphinx env, which can be output into the documentation, with the nb-exec-table directive. See Execution statistics for details.

Improved 👌#

  • Standardise auto/cache execution

    Both now call the same underlying function (from jupyter-cache) and act the same. This improves auto, by making it output error reports and not raising an exception on an error. Additional config has also been added: execution_allow_errors and execution_in_temp. As for for timeout, allow_errors can also be set in the notebook metadata.execution.allow_errors This presents one breaking change, in that cache will now by default execute in a the local folder as the CWD (not a temporary one).

Fixed 🐛#

  • Code cell source code is now assigned the correct lexer when using custom kernels (39c1bb9)

Documented 📚#

  • Add example of using kernels other than Python (676eb2c)

Refactored ♻️#

  • Add more signature typing and docstrings

  • Move config value validation to separate function

  • Rename functions in and improve their logical flow

  • Rename variable stored in sphinx environment, to share same suffix:

    • path_to_cache -> nb_path_to_cache

    • allowed_nb_exec_suffixes -> nb_allowed_exec_suffixes

    • excluded_nb_exec_paths -> nb_excluded_exec_paths

  • Initial Nb output rendering:

    • Ensure source (path, lineno) are correctly propagated to CellOutputBundleNode

    • Capture cell level metadata in CellOutputBundleNode

    • New CellOutputRenderer class to contain render methods

    • Simplify test code, using sphinx get_doctree and get_and_resolve_doctree methods

0.8.5 - 2020-08-11#

Improved 👌#

  • Add configuration for traceback in stderr (#218)

Fixed 🐛#

  • MIME render priority lookup

Upgrades ⬆️#

  • myst-parser -> 0.9

  • jupyter-cache to v0.3.0

Documented 📚#

  • More explanation of myst notebooks (#213)

  • Update contributing guide

Contributors for previously releases#

Thanks to all these contributors 🙏:

@AakashGfude | @akhmerov | @amueller | @choldgraf | @chrisjsewell | @codecov | @consideRatio | @jstac | @matthew-brett | @mmcky | @phaustin | @rossbar | @rowanc1 | @seanpue | @stefanv | @TomDonoghue | @tonyfast | @welcome