Get Started#

myst-nb is distributed as a Python package and requires no non-Python dependencies.

Use pip to install myst-nb:

pip install myst-nb

You can use the mystnb-quickstart CLI to quickly create an example Sphinx + MyST-NB project:

mystnb-quickstart my_project/

or simply add myst_nb to your existing Sphinx configuration:

extensions = [

By default, MyST-NB will now parse both markdown (.md) and notebooks (.ipynb).

Begin authoring your content

Once you have finished authoring your content, you can now use the sphinx-build CLI to build your documentation, e.g.

sphinx-build -nW --keep-going -b html docs/ docs/_build/html


MyST-NB is parallel-friendly, so you can also distribute the build (and execution of notebooks) over N processes with: sphinx-build -j 4

See also

Check out Read the Docs for hosting and continuous deployment of documentation