Source code for myst_nb.core.config

"""Configuration for myst-nb."""
import dataclasses as dc
from enum import Enum
from typing import Any, Callable, Dict, Iterable, Optional, Sequence, Tuple

from myst_parser.config.dc_validators import (
from typing_extensions import Literal

def custom_formats_converter(value: dict) -> Dict[str, Tuple[str, dict, bool]]:
    """Convert the custom format dict."""
    if not isinstance(value, dict):
        raise TypeError(f"`nb_custom_formats` must be a dict: {value}")
    output: Dict[str, Tuple[str, dict, bool]] = {}
    for suffix, reader in value.items():
        if not isinstance(suffix, str):
            raise TypeError(f"`nb_custom_formats` keys must be a string: {suffix}")
        if isinstance(reader, str):
            output[suffix] = (reader, {}, False)
        elif not isinstance(reader, Sequence):
            raise TypeError(
                f"`nb_custom_formats` values must be a string or sequence: {reader}"
        elif len(reader) == 2:
            output[suffix] = (reader[0], reader[1], False)
        elif len(reader) == 3:
            output[suffix] = (reader[0], reader[1], reader[2])
            raise TypeError(
                f"`nb_custom_formats` values must be a string, of sequence of length "
                f"2 or 3: {reader}"
        if not isinstance(output[suffix][0], str):
            raise TypeError(
                f"`nb_custom_formats` values[0] must be a string: {output[suffix][0]}"
            # TODO check can be loaded as a python object?
        if not isinstance(output[suffix][1], dict):
            raise TypeError(
                f"`nb_custom_formats` values[1] must be a dict: {output[suffix][1]}"
        if not isinstance(output[suffix][2], bool):
            raise TypeError(
                f"`nb_custom_formats` values[2] must be a bool: {output[suffix][2]}"
    return output

def ipywidgets_js_factory() -> Dict[str, Dict[str, str]]:
    """Create a default ipywidgets js dict."""
    # see:
    return {
        # Load RequireJS, used by the IPywidgets for dependency management
        "": {
            "integrity": "sha256-Ae2Vz/4ePdIu6ZyI/5ZGsYnb+m0JlOmKPjt6XZ9JJkA=",
            "crossorigin": "anonymous",
        # Load IPywidgets bundle for embedding.
        "^0.20.0/dist/embed-amd.js": {
            "data-jupyter-widgets-cdn": "",
            "crossorigin": "anonymous",

def has_items(*validators) -> ValidatorType:
    A validator that performs validation per item of a sequence.

    :param validators: Validator to apply per item

    def _validator(inst, field: dc.Field, value, suffix=""):
        if not isinstance(value, Sequence):
            raise TypeError(f"{suffix}{} must be a sequence: {value}")
        if len(value) != len(validators):
            raise TypeError(
                f"{suffix}{!r} must be a sequence of length "
                f"{len(validators)}: {value}"

        for idx, (validator, member) in enumerate(zip(validators, value)):
            validator(inst, field, member, suffix=f"{suffix}[{idx}]")

    return _validator

class Section(Enum):
    """Config section tags."""

    global_lvl = "global"
    """Global level configuration."""
    file_lvl = "notebook"
    """File level configuration."""
    cell_lvl = "cell"
    """Cell level configuration."""
    config = "config"
    """Meta configuration."""
    read = "read"
    """Configuration for reading files."""
    execute = "execute"
    """Configuration for executing notebooks."""
    render = "render"
    """Configuration for rendering notebook elements."""

[docs]@dc.dataclass() class NbParserConfig: """Global configuration options for the MyST-NB parser. Note: in the docutils/sphinx configuration, these option names are prepended with ``nb_`` """ def __post_init__(self): self.custom_formats = custom_formats_converter(self.custom_formats) validate_fields(self) # file read options custom_formats: Dict[str, Tuple[str, dict, bool]] = dc.field( default_factory=dict, metadata={ "help": "Custom formats for reading notebook; suffix -> reader", "docutils_exclude": True, "sections": (Section.global_lvl,, }, ) # docutils does not support the custom formats mechanism read_as_md: bool = dc.field( default=False, metadata={ "validator": instance_of(bool), "help": "Read as the MyST Markdown format", "sphinx_exclude": True, }, repr=False, ) # configuration override keys (applied after file read) # TODO previously we had `nb_render_key` (default: "render"), # for cell.metadata.render.image and cell.metadata.render.figure`, # and also `timeout`/`allow_errors` in notebook.metadata.execution # do we still support these or deprecate? # (plus also cell.metadata.tags: # nbclient: `skip-execution` and `raises-exception`, # myst_nb: `remove_cell`, `remove-cell`, `remove_input`, `remove-input`, # `remove_output`, `remove-output`, `remove-stderr` # ) # see also: # metadata_key: str = dc.field( default="mystnb", metadata={ "validator": instance_of(str), "help": "Notebook level metadata key for config overrides", "sections": (Section.global_lvl, Section.config), }, ) cell_metadata_key: str = dc.field( default="mystnb", metadata={ "validator": instance_of(str), "help": "Cell level metadata key for config overrides", "legacy_name": "nb_render_key", "sections": (Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.config), }, ) # notebook execution options kernel_rgx_aliases: Dict[str, str] = dc.field( default_factory=dict, metadata={ "validator": deep_mapping(instance_of(str), instance_of(str)), "help": "Mapping of kernel name regex to replacement kernel name" "(applied before execution)", "docutils_exclude": True, "sections": (Section.global_lvl, Section.execute), }, ) execution_mode: Literal["off", "force", "auto", "cache", "inline"] = dc.field( default="auto", metadata={ "validator": in_( [ "off", "auto", "force", "cache", "inline", ] ), "help": "Execution mode for notebooks", "legacy_name": "jupyter_execute_notebooks", "sections": (Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.execute), }, ) execution_cache_path: str = dc.field( default="", # No default, so that sphinx can set it inside outdir, if empty metadata={ "validator": instance_of(str), "help": "Path to folder for caching notebooks (default: <outdir>)", "legacy_name": "jupyter_cache", "sections": (Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.execute), }, ) execution_excludepatterns: Sequence[str] = dc.field( default=(), metadata={ "validator": deep_iterable(instance_of(str)), "help": "Exclude (POSIX) glob patterns for notebooks", "legacy_name": "execution_excludepatterns", "docutils_exclude": True, "sections": (Section.global_lvl, Section.execute), }, ) execution_timeout: int = dc.field( default=30, metadata={ "validator": instance_of(int), "help": "Execution timeout (seconds)", "legacy_name": "execution_timeout", "sections": (Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.execute), }, ) execution_in_temp: bool = dc.field( default=False, metadata={ "validator": instance_of(bool), "help": "Use temporary folder for the execution current working directory", "legacy_name": "execution_in_temp", "sections": (Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.execute), }, ) execution_allow_errors: bool = dc.field( default=False, metadata={ "validator": instance_of(bool), "help": "Allow errors during execution", "legacy_name": "execution_allow_errors", "sections": (Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.execute), }, ) execution_raise_on_error: bool = dc.field( default=False, metadata={ "validator": instance_of(bool), "help": "Raise an exception on failed execution, " "rather than emitting a warning", "sections": (Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.execute), }, ) execution_show_tb: bool = dc.field( # TODO implement default=False, metadata={ "validator": instance_of(bool), "help": "Print traceback to stderr on execution error", "legacy_name": "execution_show_tb", "sections": (Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.execute), }, ) # pre-processing options merge_streams: bool = dc.field( default=False, metadata={ "validator": instance_of(bool), "help": "Merge stdout/stderr execution output streams", "sections": ( Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.cell_lvl, Section.render, ), }, ) # render options render_plugin: str = dc.field( default="default", metadata={ "validator": instance_of(str), "help": "The entry point for the execution output render class " "(in group `myst_nb.output_renderer`)", "sections": (Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.render), }, ) remove_code_source: bool = dc.field( default=False, metadata={ "validator": instance_of(bool), "help": "Remove code cell source", "sections": ( Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.cell_lvl, Section.render, ), }, ) remove_code_outputs: bool = dc.field( default=False, metadata={ "validator": instance_of(bool), "help": "Remove code cell outputs", "sections": ( Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.cell_lvl, Section.render, ), }, ) number_source_lines: bool = dc.field( default=False, metadata={ "validator": instance_of(bool), "help": "Number code cell source lines", "sections": ( Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.cell_lvl, Section.render, ), }, ) # we cannot directly obtain a sphinx builder name from docutils, # so must set it manually builder_name: str = dc.field( default="html", metadata={ "validator": instance_of(str), "help": "Builder name, to select render priority for mime types", "sphinx_exclude": True, }, repr=False, ) mime_priority_overrides: Sequence[Tuple[str, str, Optional[int]]] = dc.field( default=(), metadata={ "validator": deep_iterable( has_items( instance_of(str), instance_of(str), optional(instance_of(int)) ), ), "help": "Overrides for the base render priority of mime types: " "list of (builder name, mime type, priority)", # TODO how to allow this in docutils? "docutils_exclude": True, "sections": (Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.render), }, repr=False, ) output_stderr: Literal[ "show", "remove", "remove-warn", "warn", "error", "severe" ] = dc.field( default="show", metadata={ "validator": in_( [ "show", "remove", "remove-warn", "warn", "error", "severe", ] ), "help": "Behaviour for stderr output", "sections": ( Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.cell_lvl, Section.render, ), }, ) render_text_lexer: str = dc.field( default="myst-ansi", # TODO allow None -> "none"? # TODO check it can be loaded? metadata={ "validator": optional(instance_of(str)), "help": "Pygments lexer applied to stdout/stderr and text/plain outputs", "cell_key": "text_lexer", "sections": ( Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.cell_lvl, Section.render, ), }, ) render_error_lexer: str = dc.field( default="ipythontb", # TODO allow None -> "none"? # TODO check it can be loaded? metadata={ "validator": optional(instance_of(str)), "help": "Pygments lexer applied to error/traceback outputs", "cell_key": "error_lexer", "sections": ( Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.cell_lvl, Section.render, ), }, ) render_image_options: Dict[str, str] = dc.field( default_factory=dict, # see metadata={ "validator": deep_mapping(instance_of(str), instance_of((str, int))), "help": "Options for image outputs (class|alt|height|width|scale|align)", "docutils_exclude": True, # TODO backward-compatible change to "image_options"? "cell_key": "image", "sections": ( Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.cell_lvl, Section.render, ), }, ) render_figure_options: Dict[str, str] = dc.field( default_factory=dict, # see metadata={ "validator": deep_mapping(instance_of(str), instance_of((str, int))), "help": "Options for figure outputs (classes|name|caption|caption_before)", "docutils_exclude": True, "cell_key": "figure", "sections": ( Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.cell_lvl, Section.render, ), }, ) render_markdown_format: Literal["commonmark", "gfm", "myst"] = dc.field( default="commonmark", metadata={ "validator": in_(["commonmark", "gfm", "myst"]), "help": "The format to use for text/markdown rendering", "cell_key": "markdown_format", "sections": ( Section.global_lvl, Section.file_lvl, Section.cell_lvl, Section.render, ), }, ) # TODO jupyter_sphinx_require_url and jupyter_sphinx_embed_url (undocumented), # are no longer used by this package, replaced by ipywidgets_js # do we add any deprecation warnings? ipywidgets_js: Dict[str, Dict[str, str]] = dc.field( default_factory=ipywidgets_js_factory, metadata={ "validator": deep_mapping( instance_of(str), deep_mapping(instance_of(str), instance_of(str)) ), "help": "Javascript to be loaded on pages containing ipywidgets", "docutils_exclude": True, "sections": (Section.global_lvl, Section.render), }, repr=False, ) # write options for docutils output_folder: str = dc.field( default="build", metadata={ "validator": instance_of(str), "help": "Folder for external outputs (like images), skipped if empty", "sphinx_exclude": True, # in sphinx we always output to the build folder }, ) append_css: bool = dc.field( default=True, metadata={ "validator": instance_of(bool), "help": "Add default MyST-NB CSS to HTML outputs", "sphinx_exclude": True, }, ) metadata_to_fm: bool = dc.field( default=False, metadata={ "validator": instance_of(bool), "help": "Convert unhandled metadata to frontmatter", "sphinx_exclude": True, }, ) @classmethod def get_fields(cls) -> Tuple[dc.Field, ...]: return dc.fields(cls) def as_dict(self, dict_factory=dict) -> dict: return dc.asdict(self, dict_factory=dict_factory)
[docs] def as_triple(self) -> Iterable[Tuple[str, Any, dc.Field]]: """Yield triples of (name, value, field).""" fields = { f for f in dc.fields(self.__class__)} for name, value in dc.asdict(self).items(): yield name, value, fields[name]
[docs] def copy(self, **changes) -> "NbParserConfig": """Return a copy of the configuration with optional changes applied.""" return dc.replace(self, **changes)
def __getitem__(self, field: str) -> Any: """Get a field value by name.""" if field in ("get_fields", "as_dict", "as_triple", "copy"): raise KeyError(field) try: return getattr(self, field) except AttributeError: raise KeyError(field)
[docs] def get_cell_level_config( self, field_name: str, cell_metadata: Dict[str, Any], warning_callback: Callable[[str, str], Any], ) -> Any: """Get a configuration value at the cell level. Takes the highest priority configuration from: `cell > document > global > default` :param field: the field name to get the value for :param cell_metadata: the metadata for the cell :param warning_callback: a callback to use to warn about issues (msg, subtype) :raises KeyError: if the field is not found """ field: dc.Field = self.__dataclass_fields__[field_name] cell_key = field.metadata.get("cell_key", if ( self.cell_metadata_key not in cell_metadata and "render" in cell_metadata and isinstance(cell_metadata["render"], dict) and cell_key in cell_metadata["render"] ): warning_callback( f"Deprecated `cell_metadata_key` 'render' " f"found, replace with {self.cell_metadata_key!r}", "cell_metadata_key", ) cell_meta = cell_metadata["render"] else: cell_meta = cell_metadata.get(self.cell_metadata_key, None) if cell_meta: try: if cell_key in cell_meta: value = cell_meta[cell_key] if "validator" in field.metadata: if isinstance(field.metadata["validator"], list): for validator in field.metadata["validator"]: validator(self, field, value) else: field.metadata["validator"](self, field, value) return value except Exception as exc: warning_callback(f"Cell metadata invalid: {exc}", "cell_config") # default/global/file level should have already been merged return getattr(self,