Source code for myst_nb.core.execute

from __future__ import annotations

from pathlib import Path, PurePosixPath
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from .base import ExecutionError, ExecutionResult, NotebookClientBase  # noqa: F401
from .cache import NotebookClientCache
from .direct import NotebookClientDirect
from .inline import NotebookClientInline

    from nbformat import NotebookNode

    from myst_nb.core.config import NbParserConfig
    from myst_nb.core.loggers import LoggerType

[docs]def create_client( notebook: NotebookNode, source: str, nb_config: NbParserConfig, logger: LoggerType, read_fmt: None | dict = None, ) -> NotebookClientBase: """Create a notebook execution client, to update its outputs. This function may execute the notebook if necessary, to update its outputs, or populate from a cache. :param notebook: The notebook to update. :param source: Path to or description of the input source being processed. :param nb_config: The configuration for the notebook parser. :param logger: The logger to use. :param read_fmt: The format of the input source (to parse to jupyter cache) :returns: The updated notebook, and the (optional) execution metadata. """ # path should only be None when using docutils programmatically, # e.g. source="<string>" try: path = Path(source) if Path(source).is_file() else None except OSError: path = None # occurs on Windows for `source="<string>"` # check if the notebook is excluded from execution by pattern if path is not None and nb_config.execution_excludepatterns: posix_path = PurePosixPath(path.as_posix()) for pattern in nb_config.execution_excludepatterns: if posix_path.match(pattern):"Excluded from execution by pattern: {pattern!r}") return NotebookClientBase(notebook, path, nb_config, logger) # 'auto' mode only executes the notebook if it is missing at least one output missing_outputs = ( len(cell.outputs) == 0 for cell in notebook.cells if cell["cell_type"] == "code" ) if nb_config.execution_mode == "auto" and not any(missing_outputs):"Skipped execution in 'auto' mode (all outputs present)") return NotebookClientBase(notebook, path, nb_config, logger) if nb_config.execution_mode in ("auto", "force"): return NotebookClientDirect(notebook, path, nb_config, logger) if nb_config.execution_mode == "cache": return NotebookClientCache(notebook, path, nb_config, logger, read_fmt=read_fmt) if nb_config.execution_mode == "inline": return NotebookClientInline(notebook, path, nb_config, logger) return NotebookClientBase(notebook, path, nb_config, logger)